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To Learn and to Share

ORES’ mission is to conduct scientific studies of marine mammals, focusing on Minke whales.  We are commited to research leading to a better understanding of MInke biology, of the marine ecosystem they inhabit and of the habitat they share with humans. In a rapidly changing world,  profound knowledge gained through long-term scientific monitoring and in-depth studies is crucial to developing sustainable management measures and long-term conservation strategies in order to protect marine mammals and their habitats.

A Long History of Non-Intrusive Research

The late Canadian zoologist Ned Lynas, whose main interest was to study the lives of free-living whales in their natural environment, founded ORES in 1978. For more than 30 years ORES has conducted non-intrusive short-term and long-term studies on a variety of topics. Research findings have greatly contributed to a better understanding of the lives of rorqual whales in scientific, educational and public communities, both locally and internationally.

The research station is located just east of Les Bergeronnes, a small village about 220 km East of Quebec City. The study site lies within the boundaries of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park.

Funding is provided through field training courses, ORES membership and our Adopt a Minke campaign  offered through ORES' partner organization in Basel, Switzerland - The Foundation for Marine Environment Research.