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Travelling Real-sized Cetaceans

Produced by Ursula Tscherter
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Today, the largest animal ever-lived on earth, the blue whale, reaches about 27 meters in length. And they used to be longer. 27 meters. That takes me about 38 steps to walk along its body. 38 steps. Which take me about 22 seconds to walk in a straight line at regular speed. 22 seconds. The time it takes to read this text up to h…

At least for me. You might want to check it yourself. You might come up with slightly different numbers. But that doesn’t really matter; as this is all about letting you yourself experience the size of the planet’s giants.

They are as big as…

It is one of the biggest challenges for a lecturer to find useful comparisons to let the audience get a feel for the real size of animals, they most likely will never see in full size. Yet such comparisons might not really do the job anyways. A much better idea would be to draw a blue whale on the ground. Best of course would be to create a three-dimensional blue whale sculpture. But who would want to pay for it?

Real-sized cetaceans made of fabric

Change your classroom into an ocean. Surround your audience with various cetacean species. Darken the room and take your audience on a journey into the ocean’s secret world.

These real-sized cetaceans are an easy and affordable way to present the various sizes, body shapes, and colouration patterns to your audience. They range from 70 cm for a newborn harbour porpoise to a 13 m humpback or a 25 m blue whale. The latter reaches a height of about 5 m, which is just slightly higher then the humpback’s flipper length…

They are an ideal tool for lecturers and educators as they can be

a) hung up vertically with little effort and equipment.

b) held by the audience which might even lie on them.

c) folded into a small package to travel lightly.

d) sent by mail to any person giving a talk.

Of course other animal species such as sharks, seals, sirenians, or even bears, giraffes and elephants are also available on request.

Contact us for more information on species, sizes, prices and delivery times.